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Training for NQT Induction Tutors and Mentors

Sessions are held in July, September and November for Induction tutors and Head teachers to give them clear guidelines on their obligations under the Statutory Guidance for the Induction of NQTs.

July Session

This session is designed for New Induction Tutors and Head Teachers who have appointed NQTs due to start in September.

September Session

This is a catch up session is designed for New Induction Tutors and Head teachers

November session

 This training session content will give:

  • specific guidance on the completion of assessment forms including the Appropriate Body's expectations  regarding the detail of comment against the Teaching Standards as well as the administrative detail and protocols.
  • guidance on effective monitoring of NQT performance and on the appropriate range of interventions to support NQT's in improving areas of their practice
  • guidance on the use the 'Cause for Concern' process:
    • when, why and how to submit a 'Course for Concern'
    • typical scenarios leading to a 'cause for concern'
    • the process arising from the submission of a 'cause for concern' including the roles of the school, appropriate body, NQT and professional association
    • possible outcomes of the 'cause for conern' process
    • Opportunities will be provided for colleagues to share questions, concerns and issues from current practice.

Feedback on the evaluation forms for these events were very positive:-

“Very useful to discuss and gain an overview of the processes involved.”