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Primary Cohort 

Welcome Primary Class of 2017

A very warm welcome to Sheffield TSA and to the teaching profession.  You should be really proud of yourselves for securing a place on our School Direct programme as we only take around 25% of people who apply. Well done.

Your first days in school will have been exciting and tiring and you will be looking forward to your first teaching block in another school. We are working on this now - please be aware that we have to use all our schools for the assessed block and you may be asked to travel.

Your training programme is about to start - you must attend every session and need to be at the Learning, Research and Development Centre (now called 'Learn Sheffield'). All the details are in your newsletter and the dates are loaded into our calendar on the website. Please check your emails for any urgent messages from our office.

It is very important that you inform us, your school and Sheffield Hallam University of any absences whether full or part days. We are here to support you but we need to know if you need our support and informing us of absence is essential. You are also required to complete a number of days in school to pass your PGCE - absence can affect this.

Please contact: for any absences or urgent requests.

Enjoy your year and take care of yourselves.