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NQT Statutory Induction

NQT Induction Package

The Appropriate Body at Silverdale School Sheffield provides a comprehensive package to enable schools who induct NQTs to fulfil their statutory obligations - all for just £110 per NQT.

To register your NQTs please email the Appropriate Body at: or by telephone on 0114 2357999.

What does the DfE say NQT induction should include?

‘A suitable monitoring and support programme must be put in place for the NQT, personalised to meet their professional development needs.  This must include:

  • Support and guidance from a designated induction tutor who holds QTS and has the time and experience to carry out the role effectively
  • Observation of the NQT’s teaching and follow-up discussion
  • Regular professional reviews of progress

NQT’s observation of experienced teachers in the NQT’s own institution or another institution'.

What does our NQT service include?

Statutory NQT Induction Manager:

  • over 7 years’ experience.
  • Available to contact by phone or email 5 days per week for support and guidance (in school holiday time too).

A team of colleagues to Quality Assure the whole process, consisting of:

  • SLEs – Primary, Secondary and Special.
  • Retired Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers offering years of experience.

The team will:

  • Quality assure Statutory Assessment Forms.
  • Arrange visits to quality assure processes and allow good practice to be shared.
  • Triangulate judgements via joint lesson observations when required.

Registration of NQT and tracking through their induction period:

  • Updating NCTL Secure Teacher Service.
  • Confirmation of assessment due dates.
  • Advice and guidance when NQTs are teaching outside of the phase in which they qualified.

You also get:

  • Tool Kit to help track NQT progress throughout their induction time.
  • Statutory Assessment Forms.
  • Support and guidance through Cause for Concern process when required.
  • Named Contact for NQTs (whom NQTs can talk confidentially to about their induction programme).
  • Fulfilling compliancy for NQTs (arranging experience in alternative school setting where NQTs need time to observe lessons outside their own school).
  • CPD training for Induction Tutors (see below) & NQT Welcome Events

Training for your Induction Tutors and Mentors

Training for NQT Induction Tutors and mentors takes place 3 times a year, in June, September and November. All school registered with the appropriate body will be invited to these training sessions. You can find out more about this here.

Requirements to start induction

  • NQTs must have QTS irrespective of ITE route taken.
  • NQTs must understand the importance of keeping documentation safe as they may need to produce certification.
  • School submits a Form A.


If there are concerns about an NQT that the school has highlighted and steps have been put in place to support the teacher, but these have not resulted in sufficient progress towards meeting the standards a Cause for concern form must be completed and submitted to the Appropriate Body. This will then trigger a meeting and action plan to support the school to help the NQT meet the standards.

The Induction Year Term by Term

Term 1

  1. Initial meeting to develop action plan – priority objectives and training needs
  2. Early observation and two further formal observations later in the term
  3. Two Professional Progress Review Meetings during the term
  4. Implementation of action plan
  5. First Formal Assessment Meeting including action planning for Term 2
  6. Submission of documentation to the Appropriate Body
  7. NQTs retain copies of all formal documentation

Term 2 & 3

  1. Continued development and implementation of action plan
  2. Two formal observations and 2 Professional Progress Review Meetings during each term and Formal Assessment Meeting
  3. Submission of documentation to the Appropriate Body
  4. At the end of term 3, the Head Teacher makes a final recommendation to the Appropriate Body who make a decision about the outcome of induction
  5. Letter sent by Appropriate Body
  6. NQTs are registered on NCTL database as having successfully completed induction
  7. NQT downloads certificate to show induction has been completed.

What should an NQT induction year look like?

Cost of Appropriate Body Services:

£110 per term per NQT and includes full support for schools (includes all training for induction tutors, NQT Welcome Event, support plus QA and school visits).