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The Application Process

There are two routes into teaching through School Direct: School Direct Training Route and School Direct Salaried route.

We also work with Fusion Teaching School who are leading the way in developing SEND training for trainee teachers – watch out for their separate course codes and read about the programme.

To apply now, or just see our full list of programmes, please click here.


You can apply now through UCAS and should search for Sheffield Teaching School Alliance with Silverdale School or enter our Provider Code - 1N5 -  alongside your chosen course. UCAS usually opens from mid to lateOctober. Your application will arrive in school immediately and we begin the recruitment process with a shortlisting exercise which looks at applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. Please remember that we are considering applicants in the academic year before they begin the course, so an applicant applying in October 2018 will begin their course in September 2019.

What should I expect at interview?
Our interviews day is designed to allow applicants to shine; we want to get to know you and to understand your strengths but, more importantly, we want to recognise your potential to become a great teacher. Here’s a sample plan of the secondary interview day:

Here’s an example of the Primary Interview Day:

We ask secondary and primary applicants to take a written communication task for thirty minutes where they are asked to discuss an educational article which has been shared with them previously. Primary colleagues have to take a numeracy test which again takes 30 minutes; it’s all based on Year 6 maths. We don’t ask secondary applicants to teach children as we have far too many interviews to keep interrupting children’s learning but we do ask you to teach the interview panel; this is really to see your ability to communicate clearly but also to get a sense of your subject knowledge and thinking around lesson planning. Primary applicants are asked to teach a small group of children for 15 minutes and have some choice about the Key Stage that is selected.

Feedback from our interviews

Believe it or not, applicants often tell us that they have enjoyed their interview day, they also tell us that they go away feeling more confident.  We’re not surprised as we work really hard to make sure you have a comfortable and pleasant day where you are treated as an individual.