Put simply, teaching can be the most rewarding job you'll ever have. Everyone remembers a good teacher - someone who inspired them and made learning come to life.

Make a difference to young people's lives

There are many reasons why people want to teach. Often, it's because they enjoy working with children and young people and they want to make a difference to their lives. Sometimes it's driven by a real passion for their subject area.

Others welcome the opportunity and diversity it provides in their career, taking advantage of the many different paths available to teachers. It’s certainly a profession that provides fun, variety and challenge. No two days are the same – and you’ll definitely feel that you are having a positive impact on young people’s lives.

Why I love teaching...

Being the person who gets to share the wealth of humanity’s knowledge with the next generation is a huge honour, and a really cool thing; I am the giver of knowledge!"


Why I love teaching...

"When you ask a pupil if they understand something quite tricky and important, something that you know will shift their understanding of your subject forever, and they nod their heads and smile in a way that you know they mean it - well, that's a very good moment in a teacher's day."


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