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Current Courses

You can download our latest brochure of courses here.

Our courses include:

Section 1: Teaching and Learning

  • Outstanding Teacher Programme.
  • Inspiring Teacher Programme.
  • Education Research
  • Behaviour Management – Positive Handling and De-escalating Situations.
  • MFL Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST) - FREE!
  • Physics Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST) - FREE!
  • Working with Very Low Ability Groups.
  • Learning Gap Analysis.
  • Extending Writing in the Classroom.
  • Support Writing Through Talk.
  • Stretch and Challenge: Strategies for the Classroom.
  • Enhancing learning and progress for disadvantaged student in the classroom.
  • Metacognition - Thinking Forum.
  • Developing Outstanding Newly Qualified Teachers (Secondary and Primary).

Section 2:  Leadership of Teaching and Learning


  • Developing Middle Leadership Programme (DMLP).
  • National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)
  • National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL).


You can book onto any of our courses by filling in our online booking form here.