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What We Do

Sheffield Teaching School Alliance – Partnership in Action

Silverdale School was one of the first Teaching Schools to be designated in ‘Cohort One’ in 2012; the National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) are currently recruiting to Cohort Six and the goal is to secure 600 teaching schools by March 2016. Sheffield Teaching School Alliance is free to join and welcomes all partners.

The first days of being Teaching School were exciting and challenging. We have worked incredibly hard as a partnership over the last three years, often in very challenging circumstances, so it’s great to see the work we started in 2012 starting to come to fruition.  We are nationally recognised for our work training new teachers, we run a highly successful NQT Induction service and are working with Recently Qualified Teachers as well as providing school to school support through our Specialist Leaders in Education who work in schools but also lead the way in teacher networks across the city . We have over 50 partner schools working within our alliance but we are always looking for new partners and to deepen our current partnership working.

But some of you will still be asking – what do we do?

What does a Teaching School do?

A Teaching School is designated by the National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) once they have applied and met all the criteria for designation. This includes an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating and a track record of working with schools and partners around the ‘Big 6’.

More details of how to become a teaching school can be found here:

A Guide for potential applicants

The ‘Big 6’ are defined by the National College for Teaching & Leadership and the Teaching School has to report on their activity every year in order to receive a grant to support their work. The grant for this work begins at £60,000 and decreases yearly for four years until it is zero in the fifth year.  The intention is that the Teaching School will become self-sustaining through its work with schools and partners. The ‘Big 6’ are:

Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession
Lead peer-to-peer professional leadership development
Spot and nurture leadership potential
Provide support for other schools
Designate and broker SLE
Engage in research and development

We’re proud of what we’ve done so far and want to thank all the people in the alliance who work hard every day to make this work happen but there’s lots more work to do. If you want to read about how the teaching schools have been doing nationally an evaluation of the work of teaching schools so far can be found here.

Local Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Education – School to School Support

We continue to work closely with colleagues who are designated as Local Leaders in Education and National Leaders in Education. Our colleagues are key to the provision of School to School Support and for accessing National funding to provide this support. If you would like the teaching school to bid for funding on your behalf please contact the TSA email address: initially so that we can arrange to come and discuss your school’s needs in detail and broker the appropriate support.